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Our journey started back in 2006, when Øystein Skjesol, a senior .NET engineer from Hamar, made a strategic decision to start a software development company with a development centre in Ukraine.

software development company

As Øystein would confess later on, the partnership with Ukrainian software developers was by and large a casual decision, based on his gut feelings and the concourse of circumstances.

Eventually this choice “turned out to be a strike of luck”, since Ukraine, besides being in a cultural and time zone proximity to Norway, proved to be one of the biggest information technology hubs in Europe with the best software developers out there.

Software development company Caddiesoft

It was the Norwegian project management combined with top-notch expertise of Ukrainian engineers, that made it possible for us to be delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality for 16 years now.

Today we have two development centres in Norway and Ukraine, and our team is comprised of 11 software engineers, most of them being full-stack seniors servicing Norwegian customers for years. And that speaks volumes.

Software development company
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Who we are?

We are a team of professional software developers and designers from Norway and Ukraine united by a goal of delivering exceptional products to Scandinavian businesses. Many of us have been a part of Caddiesoft family from the day everything started.


Our Team in Norway

Øystein Skjesol

Founder and CEO

E-mail | LinkedIn

Sveinung Skjesol

Project Manager

E-mail | LinkedIn

Vladislav Kuznetsov

Backend .NET developer


Stanislav Kostjuk

Full-stack PHP software developer

Tetiana Belik

Frontend developer


Nina Kuznetsova

UI/UX Designer


Louis Erdmann

Full-stack .NET software developer

Our Team in Ukraine

Lucy Bihun

Administrative officer

Artyom Skosar

Full-stack .NET software developer

Ivan Efimov

Full-stack .NET software developer

Valeriy Baditsa

Full-stack .NET developer

Olga Klimenko

Full-stack .NET software developer

Grigoriy Filimonov

Full-stack PHP software developer

Vladimir Boiko

Full-stack PHP software developer

Arthur Lehusha

WordPress developer

Matthew Kondratev

System administrator

Dmitriy Ivanenko

Senior UI/UX Designer

“At the first place Caddiesoft is about a team for me. Many of us have been working here for many years, and we are like a family now. It really matters”.

Julia Gavrilova

Full-stack .NET software developer

“You can always work on interesting projects here, side by side with some truly exceptional people. There’s also room for personal and professional development apart from your regular working routine, which is great. It has helped me grow as a developer”.

Louis O. Erdmann

Full-stack .NET software developer

“If you possess an engineering mindset and strong problem-solving skills, Caddiesoft is a perfect place for you. Having to deal with complex technical issues and challenges on a daily basis, you have a great opportunity for constant professional growth and development here”.

Artyom Skosar

Full-stack .NET software developer

Create solutions that matter

Here at Caddiesoft we value expertise, teamwork and initiative.

We are about people, which means we want both our customers and employees to be happy.

And we achieve that by investing in the professional development of our teammates, abundant team building activities and nurturing healthy and positive working environment.

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