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Custom software
development services

We offer full stack software engineering services custom to your requirements and business objectives.

From simple logo design to complex high-load systems, our experts build digital solutions of any complexity that streamline in-house processes, empower your brand identity and enhance revenues.

Web application development services

Leverage the expertise of our full-stack engineers to get web solutions that deliver. Using the most relevant languages, tools and technologies, we create both custom and WordPress websites that allow businesses to reach their goals in a more effective and consistent way.

Mobile app development services

We build fast, reliable and secure mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms that help companies increase their market presence, improve services and retain customers.

Professional web design

We offer a wide range of web and mobile design services, including concept development, wireframing, prototyping, branding and UX/UI design. 

The incorporation of both creativity and business thinking into our design process allows us to create products that are beautiful, easy to use and align with your business objectives, all at the same time.

Dedicated development teams

Remote teams model has proved to be extremely effective for Norwegian companies. It allows businesses to access a valuable talent pool and required expertise while significantly reducing development costs as compared to hiring local engineers. 

In addition, a dedicated team model facilitates the organizational and management processes for owners, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.

Types of contracts

Individual approach to software development

A customized approach to every project is at the core of our business. That means we don’t have a predefined list of solutions, but rather offer solutions based on customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Still, there are two types of contracts we usually offer, which then can be tailored to your project if needed.

We offer this type of contract for projects with defined scope, prerequisites, and deadlines. With this approach we agree on a set price for your project based on the estimated amount of work and time needed to accomplish it.     

This type is a good option for startups and projects with predetermined requirements or limited budgets.

The Time and Material is one of the most common contract types signed. With this type of contract you pay for the actual time spent on your project and receive more control over resources used.

It best fits complex and long-term projects that don’t have predetermined scope, timelines and budget.

Types of partnerships

Software development solutions based on your needs

There are two main collaboration models that we offer, based on your business objectives, needs and requirements.

Utvikler i Caddiesoft

Custom software development

We are responsible for the whole process, from the initial project analysis to deployment and post-release software maintenance.

Remote teams

Hire remote teams or specific software engineers to scale-up your existing tech teams with our key specialists.

Software development life cycle

Elaborate and streamlined processes

When working on your project, we follow several predefined stages in our product development process. It allows us to deliver high quality solutions in a speedy and consistent way.

Planning and analysis
At this stage we listen to you, ask questions and analyze your business niche.

Our goal here is to discover and understand your business challenges that we can address with our solutions.

In most cases we elicit all the necessary information by means of user stories, which are then translated into product requirements, project specifications and wireframes presented to you.

Wireframing and design
Once the scope and timelines of the project are defined, and the contract is signed, we start working on the architecture and the design of your future product. We may also create clickable or animated prototypes upon request.

Development and testing
Usually we perform the design, development and testing activities simultaneously to speed up the process and ensure the quality outcome. The development stage is completed in 2 week sprints. This approach allows you to control the process and be involved in it.

Deployment and support
Once the product is ready and fully corresponds to the quality standards, it is released formally in the appropriate market. Sometimes the deployment may be performed in stages if specified by a customer. Our team can also provide post-release support and maintenance services.

How we work

Committed to your success

Here at Caddiesoft our approach to success is rather simple. We want our clients to be happy about the services we provide and products we make.

To achieve that, we adhere to the following principles during the whole software development process.

Agile approach to development

Agile methodologies are at the core of our development processes, as they allow us to deliver products in a more effective and transparent way.


With Agile principles used, you get the most out of our mutual collaboration, as you can see step-by-step progress and even control the development process. The most typical approaches we use are Scrum, Waterfall and Kanban.

Small and scalable teams

Most of our developers are full-stack seniors capable of completing a wide range of tasks, from developing front end web architectures to creating servers and API’s.


This allows us to have smaller teams allocated to the projects and significantly reduce project costs without compromising on quality.

Complete transparency

Here at Caddiesoft our priority is to ensure that all our business processes are visible both to our team and customers.


We believe that showing the real picture is at the core of long-lasting and healthy business partnerships.


If there’s something we can’t deliver in certain time frames, there’s no need for us to report otherwise.


We are flexible. Our full-stack development teams and streamlined in-house communications allow us to adapt easily to your needs and requirements.


We don’t have predefined solutions that will fit all needs, but rather offer customized solutions that will solve your specific business pains.

Tools we use

Our technology stack

There are two things we rely on in our software development process. They are the expertise of our engineers and the technology stack they work with. Except for the commonly used languages and frameworks, we also utilize Scandinavia specific Boolware solution.

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Mobile development


Web development

.NET | ASP.NET | .NET MVC | Entity Framework | .NET Core



Mobile development

Xamarin.Forms. Mobile application development company



.NET Standart

.NET Core

Web development





Rabbit MQ


Mobile development




Web development







Mobile development

Microsoft App Center


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