An all-in-one online event management software.

Partitur is a solution to the chaos that arises when productions are to be carried out. It provides a central access to all information and increases the chance that you retain control even when there is a storm.

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Companies and venues that choose Partitur

What is Partitur

We created Partitur to help event managers organise and manage events of different levels in a streamlined and effective way. The main objective of the platform is to help companies in the events industry to streamline and facilitate the whole event management process, from budget planning and task allocation to managing PR and marketing initiatives.

What customers get with Partitur

Effective collaboration with your team

Partitur is a cloud-based platform that connects everyone in the organizational process. That means you can grant permissions to different users and collaborate with your team in real-time. Allocate tasks, assign budgets, track hours and just chat, all at one place.

Arrangementsplanlegger-platform Partitur
Arrangementsplanlegger-platform Partitur

Pain-free communications with your contractors

Partitur features great tools that facilitate communication with contractors and all the parties related to the organizational process. You can use a built-in editor to create contracts, sign them with BankID, share documents and communicate on business tasks right through the dashboard. 

Control over the organizational process 

We designed Partitur that way, so it could be your event management assistant number one. Once you register with Partitur, you have access to all the tools you may need to run and manage events in the most effective way. Use such tools as an event planner, publishing platform, built-in messenger, production dashboard and many others.

Arrangementsplanlegger-platform Partitur

Streamlined marketing

With Partitur you don’t need to run around numerous marketing channels to promote your events. Instead, you can use Partitur’s tools to plan, publish and promote your content over different platforms simultaneously.

Target audience

Partitur is a tool that supports everyone who runs events.  It will replace excel sheets, documents spread across various hard drives, communication by e-mail or telephones – everything is centered in Partitur. It is a must have for festival and concert organizers, tour operators and managers.

Festival and concert organisers, tour operators and managers.

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